What is Sex Coaching?

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching is a new field in sexology. It is the perfect marriage between sexology and life/personal coaching aimed at resolving clients’ sexual concerns and assisting in the attainment of optimal sexual wellness.

A sex coach focuses on what the client wants to achieve and how they can help you get there. Sex coaching is client-centered, wellness-focused, future-focused, and goal-oriented.

Sex coaching is not sex therapy. It is empowering, sex-positive, and non-pathologizing. Unlike sex therapy, sex coaching is a shorter-term approach. We help you reach your sexual wellness goals faster.

Sex coaches come from all walks of life! You can train to be a Certified Sex Coach™ and clinical sexologist if you are interested in helping people find solutions to their sexual concerns and reach their full sexual potential.


Sex coaching is a rapidly growing and exciting profession that empowers you to turn your passion into cash. Do you love talking about sex? Are you the one all your friends turn to for sex advice? Are you already working with sex and want to deepen your skills to help people embrace and celebrate their sexual selves?

The Certified Sex Coach™ program at Sex Coach U is the most advanced, up-to-date, and in-depth sex coaching certification currently available in the world.

We’re looking for bright, dedicated people who are committed to making the world a more sex positive place, to helping others find sexual pleasure, sexual wellness, and sexual self-awakening. We’re also interested in enrolling people who are eager to launch a new career as a Sex Coach and are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to learn not only the Sexology and Coaching skills, but also the Business and Marketing skills needed to be successful.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what previous experience you have—whether you’re a yoga teacher, counselor, Tantra expert, lawyer, energy healer, journalist, sex worker, retiree, or you just dream of a career change—you’ll fit right in with our worldwide sex coaching family.

As long as you have the right attitude and determination, we want to help you make your dreams of becoming a highly successful sex coach come true.

Sign up to get all the details about our upcoming training programs here: http://bit.ly/SCUnewsletter. You’ll also receive weekly sex coaching tips and the latest news in sexology.


How To Get A Girl In Bed And Show Her What You’ve Got

Just how to get a girl in bed implies being familiar with just how to please as well as excite her. Look out for signs that she is likewise sexually curious about you and after that make your finest to press the correct sex-related buttons.

5 Fantasies Every Couple Should Try

When it pertains to spicing up your lovemaking, one of the most effective methods to keeping your partnership fresh is acting out a secret dream. Both males and females have them and also duty having fun helps to enhance a couple’s intimacy, allows each companion to release their sex-related inhibitions in the bed room, and can lead to more powerful orgasms and much better sex!

Sexual Strength for a Strong Relationship

Does the reality that I am wedded mean that sex-related strength is as valuable to me as condoms are? I am mosting likely to emphatically claim that for me my ability to satisfy my spouse has not just made her happier, but me happier and also given us a strong connection.

Men’s Top 10 Sex Tips for Better Sex

Let’s encounter it guys: some of you need a couple of pointers in the bedroom. We’ve assembled our top 10 sex tips to aid you enhance your sex life.

The Sexy Love Drug (Oxytocin)

Have you ever asked yourself why you or other individuals always go back to their ex’s or previous fans? As well as why couples that are dreadful for each and every other, but can not divide. I am regarding to clarify why, clinically!

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We have actually heard whole lots of aspects of sex from our peers. Yet question is, which ones hold true, as well as which ones are simply pure lies? We have actually spoken to a number of people aware, and also they coached us on what’s true, what’s incorrect, and also what’s just simple wishful thinking when it concerns sex …

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Ever before asked yourself how to keep a female attached to you? If you’ve been having difficulty keeping a connection with each other, then the problem might not remain in them– it could be in you. Below’s just how to upgrade your lovemaking and also maintain a female emotionally engaged with you.

Sex Over Easy?

When caring partnerships pertain to an end, individuals frequently state that they miss out on “sex” most. In truth, what a lot of them imply is that the loss of physical and emotional affection is what really injures them the most. There are great and also negative means to handle those feelings.

How to Deal With Women’s Sexual Problems

A woman’s sex-related sunshine establishes a whole lot earlier than males’s. And while it is shining intense, they are beset with sexual problems made complicated by their restraint to share their problems with others; their restraints to open or look for professional/medical aid.

How to Activate Great Powers and Potentials Through Sex Energy Transmutation

Sex is a magnificent urge to action; but its pressures need control and also instructions. Privileged without a doubt is the male or lady with a high sex drive, who has actually also discovered the art of sex-related power transmutation. Through sex energy transmutation, you can take advantage of and also draw from the inexhaustible tank of powerful creative powers, to achieve your heart’s desires. This short article tells you just how: what to do, as well as what to expect!

The Top Seven Indications That You Are Suffering From Wolf at the Back Door Syndrome

More as well as more women are suffering from wolf at the back entrance syndrome. This is the phenomenon where women are attracted to have an event when several of their requirements are not met to in the house. This gets on the increase due to the fact that social media adds to spreading of this illness. Exactly how can ladies or the couple endure the illness while the woman keeps her good online reputation?

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