sexual fitness clinic

kashid nagar
pimple gurav
next to siddhi hospital
near kate puram chouk

sexual fitness clinic
Available Facilities
1. Sex therapy for lifetime sexual Fitness
2. Pre Marital Sex counseling.
3. Adolescence sex counseling


1. As age increases blood supply to penis decrease .
In sex therapy we teach you techniques to increase blood supply to penis permanently.

2. As age increases muscle of penis become weak .
Sex therapy helps in making penis muscles strong permanently.
3. As age increases sex hormones testosterone becomes less.
Sex therapy helps to increase it.
4. As age increases semen quality reduces
Sex Therapy improves it.

we clear doubts related to sex in scientific manner.
penis size
sex timing
mastrubation good or bad

we provide scientific
sexual gauidence to newely married and pre maried couple about how to have healthy sexual relationship.

we provide scientific sexual gauidence to adolescen

Improve Female Sexual Response With a Balanced Brain

The FDA reports that flibanserin, the “female Viagra,” does not work comes as no surprise to any individual who recognizes the distinctions in the male and female minds. In a race to grab an estimated $2 billion market, pharmaceutical researchers are depending on standard strategies to discover the “little pink pill” that will boost women libido. Well, they’re certainly playing the incorrect body organ. For females, all of it begins in the mind. Somehow it seems that the a lot more highly dense corpus callosums of male researchers are standing in the means of accepting the idea that for ladies, it’s not between their legs, it’s in between their ears. It is just one of the wonderful joys of life that males and females are different.

4 Tips On How To Kiss A Woman – Kissing Tips That Every Good Man Should Know

Have you ever wondered exactly how to kiss a lady? Then here’s something you ought to know– a whole lot of excellent dating connections have actually been destroyed by a sloppy first kiss! Here’s 4 kissing ideas that every excellent man– indeed, that’s you– need to recognize.

Sex Getting Boring? Try These Ten Titillating Tips!

Is sex with your companion getting stagnant? After that you need to inspect out this article, as you’ll find 10 sexy sex suggestions that we promise will make you as well as your partner shriek … with pleasure!

7 Tips For A Night Of Sizzling Hot Sex With Your Partner Tonight!

Has sex for you and your partner end up being a little humdrum? Trying to find a way to spice it up? We have actually collected 7 suggestions to get things warm and also balmy for you (as well as your companion) tonight!

Don’t Fake It Until You Make It: Achieving Orgasm for Women

Achieving orgasm is commonly a short lived thought among many ladies. As well typically, simply discussing orgasm can be a humiliating minute. This doesn’t have to be the situation, particularly considering that most of women are capable of multiple climaxes, as well as soon as attained, the humiliation appears trivial.

Foods That Help In Spicing Up Our Sex Lives

When things begin going a little out of strategy in the bedroom, individuals start seeking aesthetic solutions like magic pills and various other worthless things however we should keep in mind that nature has actually offered us with health foods that can assist in reinforcing up our sex-related health system. In this article allow us review concerning some natural foods which have actually been researched, researched and confirmed to improve our sexual life. Pumpkin Seeds If you do not like consuming pumpkins then reconsider due to the fact that its seeds have lots of important minerals and also nutrients which can take your sex …

Clitoral Stimulation and Mutual Orgasm

Explore and also recognize the sex-related climax difference in between males and females. What does it take to elevate a ladies’s erotica and orgasmic experience. Just how can males experience sexual penetration, delight in propelling, and boost the clitoris to attain shared orgasm? Right here are some ideas as well as pointers to this age old question.

Natural Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation – A 4-Step Strategy to Last Longer

One of the finest things a man can do in order to enhance his self self-confidence is to find a long-term solution for regulating early climaxing. Currently I’ll grant you there are loads of so called fast solution items available that pledge to improve your sex-related stamina – products like anesthetizing creams and sprays, some pills (which are actually anti downers) and specialized prophylactics which are added thick as well as have a numbing agent – however these really do not deal with the permanency of the condition.

Spirituality and Ethics

Freedom is the birthright of every heart. Be free as well as be satisfied.

Communicating Better Sex

What is sexual communication? In my globe, its the capability to reach a level of intimacy that is both enjoyable, interesting, sensual, and assists accomplish a far better orgasm. Putting in the time to comprehend sex-related communication will certainly create the opportunity for a better bond between you and your companion. Even more, a few of the qualities of the adhering to communication methods are fundamental steps to developing a greater degree of relatedness with anyone. Place them in a different context, as well as you will have devices to open, develop, progress, as well as maintain a greater level and also even more intriguing conversation with anybody.

Female Orgasm Secrets – How To Give Your Woman Multiple, Vaginal Climaxes

Discover women climax secrets that most males will never know, consisting of the percent of women that have actually never ever had a climax, why most men are unsatisfactory in bed and also just how to offer your woman MULTIPLE, VAGINAL ORGASMS …

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